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       Hello and welcome to, my academic home on the internet! My name is Dr. Harold Ickes, and I am a physician, publisher and educator. I have tutored hundreds of students in the last ten years - some in person and some online. Teaching is one of my passions, as is developing new ways to present educational material. In my spare time, for instance, I have begun development of an organic chemistry reaction simulator. A sample video is shown below, and it represents the level of understanding that I strive to impart to my students.

One of my sample chemistry videos: Carbocation Rearrangement
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       I work with high school and college students of all kinds, but my focus is on premedical science and math. These are difficult times, and the slightest slip-up in grades could eat up the chance of getting one of the precious few admissions slots in professional schools. The pressure is tremendous; I remember it keenly. When I tutor, I take every question seriously and test the student at each point along the way. I haven't done my job unless I know the student understands the material inside and out. After all, I know they will be confronted by it later - when it could be too late.

       If after we've had a tutoring session and you don't feel that it helped you, then the session is free. I like to keep it fair, and I only enjoy tutoring when the student benefits by learning the material. So stay a while and have a look at my website. Check out my credentials, references, bibliography of published works and my wacky animations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best wishes and good luck in your course of study!

Harold Ickes II, MD

The Tutoring Doctor!
Force Diagram
Green's Theorem